How and When to Create Your Wedding Playlist

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They say a party without cake is just a meeting, but what’s a party without some dancing? From the wedding march to the last tune, music can set the scene, so make sure you’re ready with your favorite songs.


The playlist is, of course, only one of many to-dos, so keep it nice and simple, and remember that communication is paramount. First, select your wedding music — is there a specific song you’d like to play as you walk down the aisle?


What about for the first dance — do you and your spouse share a favorite, sentimental tune? There’s also the option of live musical accompaniment, if you want to take it to another level.


If you don’t have a large music library but still want something for the dance floor, consult your DJ. They can make suggestions based on your tastes and style, taking the pressure off of you to think of enough material to last the entire evening.


DJs can be very accommodating, and you can dictate what is and isn’t played. Just make sure to voice your preferences and set the “rules” beforehand, so that you aren’t taken by surprise when classical music interrupts a country jam.


When it comes to live performances, keep your style in mind. Do you love classical or hard rock? Jazz? Do you want your guests to boogie or pair off for an elegant waltz? Choose musicians accordingly: a harpist, string quartet, jazz band, rock band, pianist.

If you’re a music aficionado and have specific requests, again, communicate that to the artist. If not, don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations to fit the mood of the party. Upbeat, romantic, quick and energetic; much is conveyed, so know what you want.


After you’ve consulted your Auckland DJ hire or musician, confirm the set list with them, as well as the schedule, a week (or even just a few days) before your wedding, allowing for any last-minute changes. All that’s left is for you to lace up your dancing shoes and party!