about that wedding playlist

Now that you’ve got some awesome songs in mind, you can start building a playlist you and your guests will enjoy. Here are tips to make that happen.

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Think about your guest preferences. Who is coming to your wedding and what will get them out of their seats?


Choose a selection of fun dance songs for all ages and tastes. The songs you pick out for your friends from college aren’t going to be the same as the fun dance songs your grandmother enjoys.


Be realistic about the ideal music for a wedding. Did you two meet in the mosh pit of a metal concert? Unfortunately, you may not be able to recreate that scene during a banquet wedding with your great aunt Trudy in attendance. 


Mix up the wedding song styles. When you dance around the house, is it all hip hop, techno, disco, or dubstep? Are you into country music or world music exclusively? Think about adding a variety of songs that appeal to all guests, ages, and backgrounds. 


Fold in a few of your favorites. Even if your preferred music is alternative (folk, hardcore punk, grunge, or new wave) and doesn’t have a mainstream following—include your favorite music in the wedding playlist. Perhaps it won’t dominate, but you want to honor the music that makes you happy.  


Include special songs for key reception moments. Besides your entrance and first dance, you can select fun songs to play during the cocktail hour, as an introduction to the toasts, before the cake cutting, and as the final song of the festivities. 


Pay attention to the volume. Overly loud music makes it difficult for your guests to hear each other. Request a reasonable volume, especially during the cocktail hour and dinner. 


Create a ‘do not playlist.’ Let your DJ or band know if there are certain songs or styles of music you really don’t want played. Perhaps you want to avoid explicit lyrics altogether, or you’d prefer skipping The Cha-Cha Slide. That’s okay, just clarify your preferences. 


The best reception playlists live on long after the big day evoking lovely memories and inspiring impromptu dances. Choose thoughtfully. You’ll be glad you did. 


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