5 Reasons You Need to Hire a Top DJ for This Year’s Christmas Party

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You know the drill.


A sea of sequin dresses powered by too much mulled wine, with rows of suggestive mistletoe dangling from the ceiling. There’ll be reindeer antlers, naff Christmas jumpers and the odd bloke rocking a Santa hat at a jaunty angle because, hey, he’s just that kind of guy.


Whether you own the company or are the unsuspecting intern, if you’re a normal human being, your work Christmas party is probably not your most anticipated event of the year. 


But why not change that if you’re in charge?


If you’ve been given the task of heading up this year’s work festivities, stop staff from dreading December by booking a top DJ to play at your party instead of the usual last minute Spotify playlist or iPod shuffle solution.


Not convinced you want to take money from behind the bar and put it towards the music?


We bring you 5 reasons why a good DJ is worth every penny


Crowd control


We’ve never known a Christmas party not to get out of hand. With open bars and festive cheer in abundance, it’s always going to get at least a little messy, and your party DJ needs to be able to keep the crowd happy whilst tackling their incessant requests and raucous behaviour with a sense of humour. Find a DJ who has played at Christmas parties before and who knows what to expect from a bunch of partygoers who have no doubt been drinking since (at least) 3pm.  


The right kind of Christmas


A good DJ will know that every Christmas do needs a little more Mariah, East 17 and Wham! And a little less Cliff. Find a DJ who isn’t too cool for Christmas but will also balance the baubles and bells with a little something extra throughout the evening. Nobody needs to hear Slade on repeat. Ever.

Say thank you in style

Christmas parties are a great chance for bosses up and down the country to say a big fat thank you to staff for all their blood, sweat and tears over the last year, so splash out on a talented DJ in order to make this Christmas a special one. (If your boss is looking to say a few words, a good DJ will make sure there’s a high-quality microphone on hand too.)


Read the room


Work dos tend to be filled with colleagues of all ages, tastes and types. From Brent in accounts to Susie in HR, it’s likely not everyone in the room will be on the same musical wavelength. A good DJ, however, will ensure guests are on the same journey all night long, throwing in a mixture of club classics, festive hits, and maybe even a few dance routines at the end, mood pending of course…


Avoid playlist angst


If your DJ is really, really good, they will have a good way of taking requests ahead of the night, to first of all get people excited for the event, and secondly, to ensure everyone’s tastes are catered to on the night. Although we don’t need much steering, we do have ways of finding out a little more about the people in the room before arrival, to make sure we get it just right. 


'Tis not the season for empty dance floors and out of control Christmas tunes, so if you would like a top Christmas party DJ to ensure your this year’s bash is a cracker, get in touch with us at Custom DJ Company to hear about Christmas party packages and book in advance today.