Looking for the perfect Dj?


Part of the excitement and intrigue found in nightclubs comes from the mixing talent a club DJ brings to the atmosphere. By mixing tracks in and out, club DJs boost energy levels, so your crowd stays entertained and on the dance floor. Whether using turntables, CD players or computers as music sources, club DJs get the party started and keep it going long into the night.


The Custom DJ Company has been providing DJ’s in the Club / Pub / Bar industry for well over 15 years  and present such as The Auckland Loadedhog ( 8 years ) , Float bar ( 5 years ) Globe Bar ( 4 Years ) , Margaritas, Guada Fiesta Bar the list goes on.


Playing what you want!


We can provide you with the cream of nightclub and bar DJs for your venue/club night. Finding the right DJs to play the correct genre or genres of music is critical to the success of any club. With a pool of professional DJs we can match up your club's music policy with a selection of suitable DJs for any genre be it mainstream or specialist. Our DJs work at clubs ranging from the latest Funky House and Electro, to RnB and Hip Hop, to 70's and 80's to Club Classics and Chart.


Wanting to bring a Club / Bar atmosphere to your event


Whether you need a DJ for a School Ball, After Ball or any event we can bring the CLUB to you. As well as having the right DJ’s we also have the top of the line equipment from computerised Laser Light Shows where you display text, logo’s etc to staging, AV and sound systems to cater to 20 people to 15,000 people!

As well as running a successful DJ company we also run a successful Sound, Lighting, Staging and AV  Rental company  providing equipment for Festivals, City council events, Event companies and the list goes on, which is all top end equipment so you can always expect a quality production at your next event.



To find out more about what we can offer call for a free quote & to discuss how we can make your Club / Bar pump!