Top 40 Chart



As you could imagine with all the new top 40 music coming out each week it would be a mission to update it all. We ALWAYS have the lastest top 40 chart songs so please go to this link and if would like to pick some songs please use this web site.



We cover EVERY music genre to cover ALL music tastes and is designed to appeal to all agegroups. We encourage clients to make music requests in advance of their function. This allows our DJ to prepare his set and music selection in advance of your Event to ensure all of your music requests are played.



We make sure the music is exactly tailored to your specific tastes. Most people choose to make around 10 to 20 requests to give the DJ an indication of their tastes in music. The DJ then uses their experience to incorporate these requests into their set and add similar tracks they know from experience are popular from the same genre, to ensure a busy dancefloor throughout the evening.



Other clients choose just to leave it to the DJ as they are the professionals and the DJ will know which tracks entice people on to the floor and which tracks will keep everyone dancing. The choice is yours !



Guests are welcome to make requests to the DJ on the night.