It's important to ask the right questions when hiring a DJ.


Over the years, we've received hundreds of smart questions from clients planning their events. Below we've addressed some of the most popular ones. If you have a question that's not answered here, please email it to us at enquiry@customdjcompany.co.nz. We'll quickly send you a response.


What sets your company apart from others?


Your company is based on the satisfaction of our customers. We take personal pride to make sure that we meet all of your needs and to give YOU a worry free event. The Custom DJ Company is made up of a group of professional DJ’s, who have had many years of experience in Club and Mobile work; have a professional work manner; are reliable; have the music selection; and most importantly are able to read and play to any crowd and play what you WANT.


Who are your disc jockeys?


Your company is comprised of seasoned performers who have an enormous amount of wedding entertainment experience. Relative to the amount of receptions at which we perform every year, our staff is rather small. This is by design; having fewer DJs allows us to keep the quality of our performances very high. And because we don't have a lot of DJs, each one is constantly performing, which keeps their skills sharp at all times.


I'm going to need a lot of guidance as I plan my event. Can you help?


One of the most important services we offer, which is part of every entertainment package, is the assistance of our wedding coordination staff. We'll help you carefully plan every detail and work along side with the venue etc.


How far in advance should I reserve my date?

We generally begin booking wedding dates anywhere from two to eighteen months in advance. Since we can only perform at a limited amount of receptions per weekend, we strongly recommend that you contact us as soon as possible to check on the availability status of your date. By the same token, if for some reason you find yourself in a situation where you need a DJ last-minute, please call us. We'll make every possible effort to help you.  


Do you provide music for the ceremony?


We often provide the ceremony music, and that’s one of the reasons our sound systems are so compact; if you’re having the ceremony in a separate area, it takes only minutes to move them from one place to another. And processionals, recessionals and other classical pieces sound heavenly through our systems.


Our cocktail hour is going to be in a separate room from the reception. Is that a problem?


That’s no problem at all. We often play in facilities in which we have to move the sound system to several different locations during the course of the evening. That’s one of the reasons that our sound systems have been designed to be light and portable. Your DJ can transport the entire set-up in just a few minutes.  


If we book you for a certain amount of hours and then decide that night that we’d like you to perform longer, is that a problem?


If you book us for your special day we’ll stay for as long as you’d like for a minimal fee.  


What if we want to hear a song that’s not on the playlist?


Beyond what you see on the playlist, we have a master music library that contains more than 50,000 songs. So, if you don’t see a particular selection, there’s a good chance that it’s in our library. Or, if you'd like us to use music from your own collection, we can do that, as well


How much choice do I have in the music selection?


As much as you'd like. Occasionally couples decide to hand-pick each and every song that's played at their reception, which is perfectly fine, but it's not necessary. We'll ask you to highlight as many specific songs and genres that you like to hear and ask you lots of questions about your preferences. With this information, we'll craft a custom-designed music menu for your reception.


My family is Italian and my fiancé's is Irish. Can you provide that kind of music?


We often perform at weddings where specific types of ethnic music are requested. We have most music of every nation, tradition and background. If there are specific songs you'd like to hear that we don’t have, we’ll gladly get that music to you (as long as it's still in print). Or, if you have the music, we can work with your collection.


There are songs that we definitely don’t want played at our wedding. How do we make certain that we won't hear those wretched tunes?


We'll strongly encourage you to give us a "don't play" list of music, and your DJ will absolutely abide by it. You won't hear any unwelcome surprises at your reception.

Do you play guests' requests?


That's completely up to you. If it's okay, we'll play whatever your guests want to hear. If, however, you'd prefer that your DJ not take requests, that's also fine.


How many songs will be played during our wedding?


The average song is about three to four minutes long, so you can figure that approximately twelve to fifteen songs can be played per hour.


I'm concerned about the volume level. How do you effectively control it?


We're very conscious of the fact that no one wants to listen to music at an uncomfortably high volume, and that people have different sensitivity levels. That's why we'll constantly monitor the sound intensity throughout the course of your reception. Our dynamic sound systems allow us to create an environment that's conducive to both dancing and socialising.


What time will the DJ setup?


Depending on the reception venues rules and procedures we setup during the day before any of your guest arrive. The last thing we want is to be lunging gear through your guests and speeches as this is a no no!


Do you take breaks?


Nope. You'll hear continuous music from beginning to end - an uninterrupted flow of seamlessly mixed music.


When should I speak with my Custom DJ wedding coordinator?


Please contact your coordinator one month prior to your wedding. At that point we'll make arrangements to carefully plan the entire reception with you. If you'd prefer to meet with us earlier than that, however, we'd be happy to set that up. In fact, we'll meet with you as often and as many times as you'd like before your wedding.


Can we use a Microphone for our speeches?


At no extra cost, on request we can provide you with one of our top quality cordless microphones to use for your speeches.


My sister’s got a great voice and would like to sing at the reception. Is that possible?


You bet. We’ll have a microphone available for her and she can either sing acapella or we can play a song in the background while she sings over it.


What time will my DJ arrive at the reception site?


Your disc jockey will arrive 15 minutes to an hour before your scheduled start time.


Do you put up any signs or banners?    


Absolutely not. We’ll be at your reception to entertain, not to advertise.

What if, due to an emergency, my DJ can't make it to the reception?


In the highly unlikely event that your disc jockey is unable to perform due to a severe emergency situation, we can assure you that your entertainment will be provided exactly as planned; we have talented, experienced DJs on-call 24-hours-a-day just in case this extremely rare situation arises. In the numbers years of doing business, we've never missed a performance.


What if something happens to the sound system?


We have a technician on staff who carefully maintains our systems to help eliminate the possibility of equipment malfunctions. To make certain that we're able to deal with any technical challenges that may come up, however, every sound system contains backup gear, which means that you'll have outstanding sound no matter what.


Are we required to feed the DJ?


That’s your choice. Customarily clients do provide a meal for their DJ.


We’re still deciding between a band or a DJ. Any advice?


Bands can certainly be great at weddings, but they do have a lot of limitations. Regardless of how talented a band is, it's impossible for them to sound just like the original artists. Also, no matter how large their repertoire is, it’s still quite limited when you compare it to what we offer; we can play literally any song that you'd like to hear. Another important difference between a band and us is that we don’t take breaks; the music will be continuous from beginning to end. One more thing: We can easily control the volume from a single switch and keep it at an appropriate level at all times. It's very difficult, however, for a live singer not to powerfully belt out a tune or a percussionist not to whack the drums so hard.


How long have you been in business?


We've been entertaining New Zealand since 1989.